posted by Alex on Thu Mar 3,2005 15:08 (4469 days ago)   

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Alison (Peltigera)
Not really fine art, but best I can manage at the moment!

Some members know I was awaiting abdominal surgery over Christmas, but eventually went into hospital on 1st February. Discharged one evening, within an hour of arriving home I became 9 months pregnant, confirmed by the doctor who attended who was only 7 months! Internal bleeding under control for a while, but 10 days later I exploded in the kitchen, circling like a deflating balloon. Effect a bit like shaking tomato ketchup without the cap on ! Doctor called out, because downloading patch from internet didnít seem to work.

Another ten days on an urgent referral to hospital as not making progress, then attacked by surgeon with scalpel, forceps and swabs in the treatment room, erÖ erÖ erÖ without anesthetic. Now a month has gone by with nurse in daily changing the drain wick and re-dressing, back to hospital today, then back home for more daily dressings.

During all this my dear friend Alison (Peltigera) decided I needed some TLC (tender, loving care) and stayed with me several days. Over and above the call of duty she came to the rescue one night cleaning me up after a leak, redressing wound so well the nurse didnít change it the next day. Not just a model, lichenologist and bassoon player, but great for getting blood out of clothes too!

Now to the picture, Alison insisted that after 4 days we should do one picture as a memory of the visit. So she ran out to the washing line in the snow naked, whilst I dragged myself to the back door for a picture. One picture in four days, hey thatís even slower than Dave R !!! So thereís my tale of woe, all trips on hold, other than hospital visits I've only managed to walk to front gate a few times.

Iím available for nude shoots as a model, because I havenít been able to get normal trousers on for a month ;-) Note that a wide angle lens and colour is a requirement for best effect.

Normal service may be resumed, despite Alison leaving Ďpost ití notes on items for inclusion in my will !

If you have read this far, havenít you got anything better to do? Go back to the top and study Alison, much better than reading this drivel!

Bye for now,


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Wed Mar 9,2005 13:18 (4463 days ago)
Alex wrote:
Many thanks for all your good wishes. Still receiving daily medical attention. so with lack of progress have abandoned proposed US trip in April :-( Free accommodation to models offering cooking & washing skills within their portfolio !!!!
;-) Alex

Mon Mar 7,2005 06:45 (4466 days ago)
CBallard wrote:
Yep, this lady can wash my socks any day. Speedy recovery, Alex.

Fri Mar 4,2005 22:01 (4468 days ago)
wallisgr wrote:
All wishes for a speedy recovery - next time Indonesian doctors! if you want excitement

Fri Mar 4,2005 03:01 (4469 days ago)
jcphotodesign wrote:
take care of yourself. I hope you're feeling better soon, but don't rush it either. Good to see that your sense of humor hasn't been damaged.

Great photo. I think you should title it "laundry day." Those of us who wait until the last minute to wash clothes can definately relate. :)

Fri Mar 4,2005 02:39 (4469 days ago)
Zoe wrote:
speedy recover alex. :) chop chop!

Fri Mar 4,2005 01:55 (4469 days ago)
muskeg_1 wrote:
Best wishes from Alaska for a speedy recovery, Alex.

Thu Mar 3,2005 21:53 (4469 days ago)
ahem wrote:
Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Alex. Wonderful more ways than one. Although I regret what you are going through, I'm glad that you shared your story & doubly glad that Alison is there to help.

Thu Mar 3,2005 20:49 (4469 days ago)
darkhorseII wrote:
A rather versital lass, isn't she? Keep on the mend & thanks for the lovely domestic snap.

Thu Mar 3,2005 19:40 (4469 days ago)
OnLocation wrote:
Alex, you scare the hell out of me. Here I thought that Scottish doctors were among the best in the world. Hmmm, small wonder that my honourable ancestors left for the New World. Of course, they were encouraged by the English, but that's another story. Regardless, lovely model - photo's good too. lol.

Get better fast.

May the best you've ever seen
Be the worst you'll ever see.

From A Scots Toast by Robert Burns

Thu Mar 3,2005 19:26 (4469 days ago)
ray3d wrote:
Alex, am I to understand that you are pregnant? You guys not only drive on the "wrong side of the street", but apparently do lots of things differently 'over there'!

Thu Mar 3,2005 16:59 (4469 days ago)
DanC` wrote:
Sorry to hear of your ordeal, but glad to see that your spirits are still high! I guess having Alison around helps!

Thu Mar 3,2005 16:19 (4469 days ago)
GButch wrote:

I would not characterize anything you have said, written or photographed as drivel. I'm sorry for your ordeal and I pray for your good health.

And by the way. I love the photo.

Be well my friend.


Thu Mar 3,2005 15:51 (4469 days ago)
Mad_Shutter-bug wrote:
Drivel? I hardly think so, Alex. Rather, a well told and illustrated tale.

Get well soon. I'd offer nursing services, but the commute would be a tad long, and Alison seems to have it in hand.

Thu Mar 3,2005 15:27 (4469 days ago)
magicflute wrote:
What a tale! Hope you are now in fact feeling better -- as I would if I had someone like Alison tending to me. Great candid! Best wishes. Stephen