Zoe Wiseman Zoe Wiseman
Since the whole world is shut down I'm curious what everyone is working on to pass the time. 
  1. I've been going through physical photographs from when I modeled in preparation to scan them.
  2. Organizing some of my negatives to scan that I've neglected.
  3. editing images i've neglected
  4. reorganizing my office work space to maximize my work flow
  5. contemplating book ideas once all of the above is accomplished and writing down those little ideas that pop into my head. 
I'm interested in what art will be created during our isolation. 

your turn!
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Well, I'm locked out of my studio at the Delaware Contemporary, so at home I've been working on two books: one on the last Zoefest in Noosa, and one looking at work form 2013-2020 outside of the Zoefest portfolios. Unfortunately my epson printer is at the studio. My darkroom is at home... I have not used it in 3 years. Maybe this is the time to roll up the sleeves and jump back in!
Carson Zullinger
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There are two ladies who have enriched my photo life across several decades.  Neither is a professional model.  Both are dear friends. Neither has ever posed nude for anyone else's camera.  I am going through my negative and digital archives and selecting images to present each with an album of prints of our work together.  I have been planning this for a long while, but this abundance of "Stay Home" time has focused my attention on actually getting the projects done.
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No forced lockdowns or isolation in Australia yet so for those able to work from home or maintain social distance at work it's pretty much business as usual apart from the panic buying of toilet paper, rice and pasta.  I know a lockdown is coming so I'll probably finally get around to culling my Black Rock series, given the current environment it will most likely become a book long before there's an exhibition, might revisit a few other shoots and see if any undiscovered gems pop out otherwise it'll be a whole lot of binge watching tv shows
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For nearly 30 years I've been photographing my wife/muse. Earlier this year, after turning 72 she asked me if I wouldn't mind finding a new muse. I've been working with other models up until a few weeks ago. Now that we are in self-quarantine I've asked her to reenlist as my model. (She said yes!) I have a darkroom in the house with both 4x5 and 8x10 enlargers. As now I shoot almost exclusively 8x10, I'll set up the studio, (two car garage without the cars) and make 6 images. Then back into the darkroom and process the film.  Thanks to B&H Photo and Freestyle I have plenty of chemicals, film and paper. I'm also culling through my old negatives and finding images that I had previously rejected. 
Joel Brown
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Dave Rudin DaveR
My photo trip to Morocco that was to take place last week was cancelled, but I decided to stay home anyway to catch up on things and to avoid riding on the subway.  Artwise, I scanned negatives from my trip to Hawaii earlier this month and from my trip to Istanbul and central Asia last year.  This week, though, it was back to work - only this time doing so remotely at home - so time for work on my photography has been limited.  Hopefully I can do some more this weekend.  Maybe I'll take a look at my photo and book collection, too.

It's late Friday afternoon here in New York and the sun is shining.  As I haven't been outside since Monday as and rain is expected the next two days, I think I'll go out for a walk now.

Be safe, everyone.

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Yanni Yanni
We are on Day 3 of our lockdown in New Zealand. It really sucks, and our infection numbers are climbing up rapidly. 
Now that i've had a few days to come to terms (sorta) with having to stay home for at least the next 4 weeks, i'm trying to get my website working again (the hosting system broke) .. and get some more images edited etc.. I have my dear friend and muse (who's a traveling artist) who inspires me and reminds me that as i see her artwork, that there is a hope and a future ahead.  

One day at a time, one annoying web hosting platform at a time, and hopefully LR and PS won't be the end of my sanity 🙂

Lifes a weird game. 
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I've been going through images to see if I missed any that are worth editing and re-editing others.  Taking pictures of my cats.  Going out to some the more isolated area me to try and shot some landscape photos, but have been cursed with boring weather and skys so haven't really shot anything new.

IG  https://www.instagram.com/mcaryphoto/
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Doug Earle
I'm working on a mini-project entitled "Up Close and Floral: Flowers in Isolation".  Idea is to do very tight and close photos of the blooming plants in our gardens, removing them from their context, neighbors, support branches and stems, etc.  Sort of a commentary on the situation.  Wish I had a Macro Lens but since I don't, using a wide open telephoto.
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Yanni Yanni
Day 30.. or.. 31 or something.
Finally got the website mostly finished, cleaning up my image catalogue in Lightroom, re-editing some previous work... that's been interesting, to look back on edits from say.. 2 or 5 years ago, and contemplate how you'd edit them now... an interesting insight into how our style develops/changes over time.  Also hanging out for a nice cafe coffee and eggs bennie.. 😃
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Ron Brown
Indeed. I have re-edited from only a few years ago. Like Ansel said, "The negative is the score, the Print the performance". I suppose my performance is improving. Although I don't consider myself a PS wizard by any stretch I am learning all the time. Mostly from those that share their knowledge on YT. Printing a lot helps too. Then I see all the weakest parts of the work. 
So I have been re-building my web site as well. A few years ago I pulled down my landscape, etc, style of work that I had been doing for 30 years or so and started to re-think my interests. Attending the Kim Weston Nude Art Workshop might have pushed me in a new direction. When it rains, as it is today, I spend much of my time on the computer. Thinking of uploading another model portfolio. Perhaps

Ron Brown
Website: http://www.lightworkx.ca
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