Yanni Yanni
20200303-20200303-_DSC9673208-Edit - Small.jpg Girl in a tree
Experimental shot with the incredibly talented Minh-Ly about a week or so
before NZ went into Lockdown. Really missing working with such talented artists..
hope the world can come right soon.

W: http://asylumimages.com
IG: https://www.instagram.com/asylumimages
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Lovely image !!👍😃
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Ron Brown
Working with minh-ly is an amazing experience. She is fearless, knows how to move, understands the cameras viewpoint. This is a wonderful shot with the equally amazing tree. Love your framing too. 
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Yanni Yanni
Thanks Ron, those are very kind words indeed, and yes MInh-Ly is amazing to work with.. I'm truly hoping this 'world event' doesn't distract her and others from pursuing this beautiful craft... here's hoping the future holds better times. 
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Yanni Yanni
20150105-20150105-042A994077Fbl - Small.jpg 
Technically my first Art Nude shoot with the incredible Romi Muse when 
She was in Queenstown/New Zealand.
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